Realized Dreams Island – video

In February 2007 was recorder following music theme for Puppet theater performance called Realized Dreams Island. Pan flute which was also used gives this music strange and mysterious feeling. Here you have the opening melody which was performed by: acoustics guitar – Alexandr Andrle pan flute, acoustics guitar – solo – Tomáš Pavlata violin – …

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Dark Halloween Video by Kevin Budd

Have you ever heard pan flute and church organ together playing Halloween melody? Kevin Budd a Canadian Pan flute builder and player created following unique video on Halloween theme. Little bit dark but really interesting. Enjoy, [coolplayer width=”352″ height=”264″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”0″ mediatype=””]Kevin Budd Video [/coolplayer]

Tina plays the flute

I have a dog “Tina” which look at me when I building pan flutes. So I decided to make some small clip how Tina “plays” the flute. Of course she doesn’t play, only licks the upper edges. And one questions for you: What do you think I putted on the flute to attract Tina?