Increase traffic to you blog – Measure your Long Tail

Today we will discuss the tool for measuring Long tail effect – site
But what is the Long Tail effect? As written on Wikipedia: “The long tail is the colloquial name for a long-known feature of some statistical distributions”

Longtail efekt. Source:

Lets make same example: Suppose that you run some blog or you have some site. You did everything for choosing a few right keeywords for your niche and these keywords generate some traffic. You are using these keywords for your on line advertisement campaign etc…. But except of your basic keywords exist another keywords which are findable on third, or fourth pages of search engines. However they also generates some traffic.

Now GIVE ATTENTION to the following:

These other keywords should have (and usually has) two important attributes:
1) these keywords is much more than basic keywords
2) they can bring you altogether much more visitors

So why don’t start using them?

Exactly for that purpose is here which helps you to work with these keywords.

How it works?

– after free registration on their site you obtain javascript code. Insert this piece of code into every page you have on your blog (same as Google analytics)
– this code records and analyze the search terms leading to you page. After accumulating critical mass of keywords system start to give you “suggestion” what keywords to use for your posts. This brings you more visitors to your site

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